Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead update....
Here is the before and after image of the Smoking Man with the tissue paper glued on. This work along with others will hang in a window of the "Meek House" and be back lit so that they glow at night. The meek house is a huge mansion in Hayward.


Day of the Dead update

Here are some sketches from the sketchbook. The images will be transferred onto black paper then cut out. The cut out areas will have colored tissue paper placed over the holes and the final work will be hung in windows and back lit. Some of the final images will be as big as 3' x 8'.


I Have a new blog.

I have just started a new blog dedicated to being a Dad and having a Son. Little stories are told about our relationship in the form of single pannel cartoons. In the cartoons and we are Birds. Enjoy.


A little peek into my Sketchbook

Starting to think about images for this years Day Of The Dead show.


New Work

Some monsters

I felt a little creepy this last weekend... so here are a selection of monsters from my sketchbook.